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BSA Storage Lien Law Book - All US States - 322 Pages

Storage Lien Law BookStorage Lien Law Book - All US States! - don't go to another auction in your state or any other state without reading the state lien laws as they pertain to storage auctions. There are some things you must know before you bid on a locker or may have found in a locker - be prepared and get all the details in this huge compilation of US state lien laws.

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BSA Vehicle Storage Lien Laws - 196 Pages

Vehicel Storage Lien LawsBSA Vehicle Storage Lien Laws! - did you spot an automobile, motorcycle or ATV in a storage unit and think you were just going to have it towed home? Think again, this book delves into the state rules for vehicles left abandoned in storage units. Know the facts before you lose your cash!

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BSA Coin Finder - How To Spot Expensive Coins Quick - 67 Pages

Storage Locker Coin FinderBSA Coin Finder - How To Spot Expensive Coins Quick! - You won't want to discard a coin that could be valuable while organizing your storage unit. Learn these facts on how to spot coins on the fly.

How many times have you walked past a coin on the street and didn't give it a second glance? Often with storage units people leave precious metals behind to keep in safe storage... you'll be spotting winners in no time!

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BSA How To Spot Antiques For Beginners - 96 Pages

Storage Unit AntiquesBSA How To Spot Antiques For Beginners! - You'll be super impressed with your skills at picking the expensive antique items from amongst the junk in everyday storage units. With a bit of reading and a few simple tips and tricks you'll be spotting the real antiques from the re-manufactured stuff in no time.

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Membership To Our Storage Auction Community

Storage Auction CommunityMembership To The BSA Storage Auction Group! - You'll be in good company with storage auction enthusiasts, newbies and pros just like yourself. Share ideas, pick each others brains, trade your finds on the forum - all at no additional cost.

PLUS: We will be giving you access to our 32,000+ record database of just about every storage facility in the United States and Canada! Don't think there is a storage facility in even the smallest town? You bet there is! And would they have a storage auction, all it takes is a quick phone call!

Unlimited Free Search By Home Computer or Mobile Phone!

If you plan to attend auctions in a few states or maybe you are on a sightseeing trip and just want to check out how auctions are run in another state - check your private database of storage facilities to see who you may be close to

So, to recap, BSA Membership Includes:

  • Access to the database of 32k+ Storage Facilities in our private members only area
  • Access to the private members only forum - Buy - Trade - Sell - Communicate with other members!
  • Access to all the forms and books plus freebies and giveaways for members only
  • Your own website complete with your very own shopping cart - stop paying eBay fees and sell from your own site... oops - we weren't supposed to tell you about this unless you really weren't sure about the course... but if you want to see the Storage Auction Demo Site - CLICK HERE FOR DEMO SITE

      ... and much, much more!

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PLUS just to make certain you know you got your moneys worth, and we are serious to see you succeed, we are giving you even more bonus swag to make you even more successful - our trademark worksheets.

As a member you'll have access to these forms 24/7 - so even at 5am when you are preparing your auction, print off a few copies, enjoy your coffee and go to the auction later that day armed with everything you need to win big:

Auction Checklist BSA Storage Auction Checklist bonus

BSA Storage Auction Checklist - don't go to another auction without this awesome tool! You'll be able to head out the door in the morning on your way to a local auction and be confident knowing you have everything you need with you for a productive and cash filled day.

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Auction Expense List BSA Storage Auction Expense Report bonus

BSA Storage Auction Expense Report - keep track of your money on each and every auction. Not only does it help you to be prepared but you'll get to know how much each day will cost and tally up everything at the end of the year for instant tax savings. Your accountant will love you for it!
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Auction Itemized List BSA Storage Inventory Worksheet bonus

BSA Storage Inventory Worksheet - know what came out of every unit and how much you made on each piece. This is an invaluable tool should something arise out of the sale of this unit you'll be able to immediately determine where an item went. Oftentimes you will come across personal paperwork, knowing what you did with that paperwork will certainly help if the need to find it arises.
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